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An Open Source Instagram Auto Messenger made by Oxlac.

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What is MR.DM?

MR.DM is not just another marketing tool, it's a robust Python application developed with Kivy for a standalone user experience. Enjoy the benefits of a native application as you navigate through the world of Instagram marketing!

Python and Kivy Powered

Built on Python and Kivy, Instabot ensures a reliable and efficient performance..

Standalone Application

MR.DM is a standalone application, offering a dedicated environment for your marketing needs.

Seamless Functionality

Enjoy the convenience of a fully integrated application for your Instagram marketing endeavors.

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What is included?

Open Source

At Oxlac, we take pride in creating open-source projects, fostering collaboration and innovation within the community. We believe in transparency and invite developers worldwide to contribute, explore our codebase, and enhance the capabilities of MR.DM.


Our extensive documentation serves as a comprehensive guide, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for users.

Future Updates

MR.DM is a dynamic project that evolves with the ever-changing landscape of Instagram and user needs. We are committed to delivering regular updates, introducing new features, and optimizing performance to keep Instabot at the forefront of Instagram marketing tools.


MR.DM is built on a robust foundation, leveraging the power of Python and Kivy. Our commitment to excellence ensures that Instabot operates reliably and efficiently, providing a stable and powerful solution for your Instagram marketing endeavors.


Enjoy the flexibility of using MR.DM across different platforms. Whether you're on Windows, macOS, or Linux, our cross-platform compatibility ensures that you can seamlessly use MR.DM.

User Friendly

MR.DM is designed with user experience in mind. The intuitive interface and user-friendly features make it easy for marketers and developers alike to navigate and leverage the full potential of Instabot without a steep learning curve.

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Why Choose MR.DM?

Choose MR.DM for its user-friendly interface, Python-powered functionality, and the dedicated support that sets it apart from the competition.!

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What Sets MR.DM Apart?

MR.DM transcends traditional marketing tools by offering a native application experience. Experience the difference with Python and Kivy at the core!

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Features and Demo!

Unleash the power of MR.DM's native application for your Instagram marketing. Check out the demo to know what's all about it!


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seconds per user automated message time.


Accounts targted per hour based on hashtag!

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